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Saturday, September 10, 2011


I love love love a yard sale!

There is an annual neighborhood yard sale here in Johnson City that is HUGE! It's called the Tree Streets Yard Sales. The streets are all named after trees. Pine, Maple, Chestnut, and Poplar. You get the idea, right? In 1996, the Tree Streets gained its’ first historical recognition by being accepted for the National Register of Historic Places. The Tennessee State Historical Commission awarded the neighborhood
Historical Status as the only such neighborhood in Tennessee. I love walking alone the sidewalks of the tree streets. It has such a "Leave it to Beaver" feel to it. The old houses are beautiful to look at. There are Colonials, Bungalows, and my favorite Queen Anne Style. Oh, how I would love to have an old Queen Anne style home out in the country somewhere.

OK, enough dreaming. On to why we're here. I am so excited about my finds!

OH MY WORD! Look at all this loveliness! I tell ya, when I'm at a yard sale and I see yarn, I get so excited I can hardly breathe!

I found some Lucyesque nylon. I really have no idea what I am going to make with it yet, but just having it makes me happy!

A 2010 calendar. I don't care that it's last year's calendar. It has lots and lots of patterns! Some of them look very, very familiar. I think I have even seen some of them on Ravelry!

Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I love this denim color. I think a scarf is in order for this chunky bit of heaven!

Bright beads!

I feel like I won the jackpot! I go to a lot of yard sales and I am always looking for yarn or anything crafty. Most times I don't find anything, so a find like this makes all the empty trips worth it.

Have a great weekend, ladies!


  1. Lucky you, such great finds! I love the denim coloured Lion Brand, perfect for a scarf or cowl! Best thing about chunky yarn is that it works up so quickly :-)

  2. Oh! How I could understand your exitement!
    What great finds!